Korea Development Bank(KDB)
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Korea Development Bank(KDB)


Corporate banking has been KDB's primary business area since its establishment in 1954. Over the past five decades, KDB has provided vast amounts of industrial capital through traditional banking services like loans,
investments, and guarantees to help develop Korea's industries and the national economy.
The capital made available by KDB has facilitated the development of key manufacturing and chemical
industries during the 1960s and 1970s. Since the 1990s, KDB has focused on cultivating technology-based industries, such as semiconductors, in line with efforts to boost Korea's strategic industries.




In order to cope with the rapid changes of international financial situations and to remain competitive, KDB
had to strengthen its banking services, especially in the internet banking services. This forced KDB to
enhance its Internet Data Center(IDC) facilities which required more cost-effective and efficient operations and security measures.




ICOMER provided KDB with a new upgraded FMS(Facilities Monitoring Systems) which has such
functions as:


1.     Real-time monitoring of UPS, electric distribution unit, precision cooling and other equipments
or devices so that any failures can be notified immediately to the persons in charge.

2.     Monitoring environmental conditions(temperature, humidity, leakage, fire, etc) checking threshold
limit values.

3.     Controlling CCTV and DVR for security breaches.




1.     Electric power was stabilized so much that the failures or malfunctions of any equipments or devices are
significantly reduced by real-time monitoring of UPS.

2.     Prediction and prevention based management of facilities has been realized by analyzing the status and
performance data collected and stored in facilities monitoring data base, maximizing operational