IDC Solutions

IDC Solution

What is IDC Infrastructure Consulting?

IDC Infrastructure Consulting works with you to enhance your competitiveness by establishing a premium IDC center, which is differentiated from existing data center facilities. To adapt to the rapidly changing environment of today’s IT industry, companies require continual improvements to be made in their systems and communication facilities, including data center facilities.


Green Data Center

Builds the foundation for a top-class global green data center
  • Establishes goals, basic requirements, and concept design plans for a green data center
  • Builds the foundation for establishing infrastructure capable of meeting global carbon emission standards
  • Reduces management costs and enhances corporate image through the establishment of a green data center

Risk Reduction

Minimizes risks that may arise in the process of conducting business
  • Produces effective design plans based on a comprehensive understanding of all business processes, from consulting and construction to relocation and operations
  • Minimizes unnecessary expenditures of budget and time
  • Establishes center construction goals that faithfully reflect customer demands

Enhancement of IT Service Availability

Builds the foundation for enhancing IT service availability
  • Produces infrastructure establishment plans based on availability levels that meet international standards
  • Accommodates infrastructure-related demands as your business grows
  • Establishes the foundation for future enhancement of IT service quality

Work Classification

Emergency Generator
Automatic Fire-fighting System
Raised Floors
Fingerprint Recognition
Magic Glass
  • ArchitectureSufficient space that considers expandability and maintainability
  • ElectricitySecures RPS (Redundant Power Supply) system for non-disruptive operations
  • Air ConditioningSelects proven products to maintain the optimum temperature and humidity
  • Fire FightingUses eco-friendly and non-damaging infrastructure
  • SecuritySecures 24-hour monitoring and security system
  • N/WStable installation of cable in accordance with cable installation standards


  • 1. Establishes basic plans for non-disruptive operations
  • Secures the redundant power supply system through N + N configuration of UPS
  • Establishes non-disruptive operation by securing sufficient backup capacity compared to required capacity
  • 2. Establishes countermeasures against equipment failures for ensuring safety
  • Introduces waterproof ceiling for ensuring safety from upper flood
  • Strengthens management functions through consolidated monitoring and establishes quick countermeasures against equipment failures
  • 3. Establishes construction plans by analyzing related laws
  • Analyzes and applies related laws about construction, electricity and fire fighting
  • Evaluates structures and places computerized equipment in accordance with facility safety regulations
  • 4. Establishes energy-saving plans in combination with Green IT technology
  • Prepares energy-saving measures by distinguishing between COLD and HOT zones
  • Cost reduction through the introduction of high efficiency UPS