About UbiGuard

In terms of network environment, the development of M2M (Object Intelligence Communication), along with the dissemination and activation policy of BcN, necessitates a comprehensive control system.

UbiGuard has been developed as an integrated control system that manages facilities, power, atmospheric environment, water quality and soil in an M2M environment. The product lineup consists of UbiGuard-FMS, UbiGuard-PMS and UbiGuard-Eco, which together aim for intelligent convergence services based on situational awareness using wire-wireless object sensing information, and for customized information services.

When it comes to applications, they include industrial facilities, U-Eco City, complementation, remote control, meter reading, tracking and healthcare, with importance placed on securing core technologies, base technologies and improving quality.

In terms of user environment, the product lineup consists of client/server, web version, mobile version and dashboard, and provides various types of information in real time.